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Department Library

The word ‘library’ is rich in tradition, meaning, and usage. Throughout the world, the ‘Library’ is considered as part and parcel of the academic set-up. It serves as the main resource center of information and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for faculty and students of the institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge. So, all students, faculty members and employees of the department are entitled to make use of the Library facilities.  The ECE department Library is well-stocked with latest editions of books by eminent authors and is having a huge collection of books to cater to the needs and requirements of the faculty as well as students. Also, it bestows a wide array of knowledge by yielding collection of books related to TOEFL, GRE, GATE and Civil Service Examinations.


The ECE department Library enables educational and research success by:


To cater to the wide varieties of demands of students and faculty and taking Educational needs, Information needs, Inspiration needs and recreational needs into consideration, ECE Departmental library has been enriched with


Donation’s Catalogue

The department library maintains a catalogue of all the books procured from donations



  1. Higher engg mathematics
  2. Communication systems(analog&digital)
  3. Fundamentals of electric circuits
  4. Signals and systems
  5. Electromagnetic fields
  6. Electrical measurements
  7. Programming with c
  8. Digital signal processing
  9. Control systems
  10. Problems and solutions of control systems
  11. A first course on electrical drives
  12. Programming in c
  13. Gre-course material-quantative
  14. Gre-course material-analytical writing
  15. Gre-course material-verbal
  16. Gre-course material-practise test
  17. Gre-course material-quantative module wise prob
  18. Gre-course material-fundamentals of maths
  19. Programming in c
  20. Graphs&charts-made simple
  21. Quantative aptitude-made simple
  22. English language-made simple-book2
  23. General knowledge-made simple
  24. Logical reasoning-made simple
  25. Notes on short cuts in numerical ability
  26. Comphrehension of small passages in english
  27. English language-made simple-book1
  28. Test of reasoning made simple
  29. Data structures
  30. C-course material
  31. C+ course material
  32. Working with unix
  33. Electronics for you


  1. Control system engineering
  2. Switching theory & logic design
  3. Integrated electronics
  4. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set1
  5. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set2
  6. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set3
  7. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set4
  8. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set4a
  9. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set5
  10. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set5a
  11. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set6
  12. Gate ece-brilliant tutorials-set7

 Dr. M.Swarupa

  1. Monochrome and colour tv
  2. Digital logic  design
  3. Digital communications
  4. Principles of digital communication
  5. Radar systems
  6. Digital electronics and micro computers
  7. Electronic communication systems
  8. Introduction to logic design
  9. Probability theory and stocatic process
  10. A first course in probability
  11. Probability theory and stocastic process
  12. Embedded system design
  13. Ptrp with application s/g processing
  14. Digital data communications
  15. Telugu-english dictionary
  16. English-telugu dictionary
  17. Analog communications
  18. Microelectronic circuts
  19. Digital signal processing
  20. Discrete time signal processing
  21. Vlsi design
  22. Optical fiber communication & appl
  23. Fiber ooptic communication
  24. Fiber optic communication technology

 Prof. M.Srinivasa Rao

  1. Digital communication
  2. Pulse digital & switching waveforms
  3. Signals and systems
  4. Electromagnetic wave & rediation system
  5. Modern digital electronics
  6. Digital signal processing
  7. Integrated electronics
  8. Problems and solutions-engg electromagn
  9. Wireless &cellular communications
  10. Pulse digital circuits &computer fundames
  11. Signals and systems
  12. Cobol programming 2/ed
  13. Cobol programming 7/ed
  14. Information theory coding and cryptography
  15. Modern control engineering

 Prof. K.Anitha




Staff incharges

  1. Ms. J.Silva Lorraine, Assistant Professor
  2. Mrs. K.Lavanya, Assistant Professor
  3. Mrs. P.SasiBala, Assistant Professor
  4. Mrs. P.Sowmitri, Assistant Professor