14. 08. 12
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Dr. K. Venkateswara Rao, Principal

Sir C.R.Reddy College of Engineering


I am extremely pleased to write this message for the viewers of our institute's website. Engineers are not only the people who know how to do things right but who know the right things to do. We at 'Sir C.R.Reddy' try to focus on engineering education to keep pace with mighty changes occurring today in industry, business and society.

We do not believe that effective education can be achieved by what we teach but we base on what our students learn. The ideal learning process is the interaction of students with faculty. Hence it is our responsibility to optimise the student faculty interface.

We encourage and facilitate leadership qualities in our faculty and students. For this engineering students shall develop required attributes and knowledge beyond traditional constraints of class rooms. An engineering student shall realize that he has to create connections and stronger partnerships in the global society in which he is embedded.

I am glad to say that the college website is resourceful in numerous ways. Students and visitors who surf through the portal derive lot of benefit and it navigates them to unique educational portals also.