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14. 08. 21
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Sir CRRCOE is proud that its graduates are highly rated by employers from industry and commerce in the private and public sectors. Offering information, advice, guidance and support for job-seeking students are considered a primary responsibility at the Institution. The Placement and Training Center is provided with a well-equipped conference training room and separate, well-furnished rooms for interviews and counseling. 

2017-21 Batch EEE Placements

S.No H.T No Name of the Student Company
1 17B81A0203 Annam Naga Sowjanya ACCENTURE
2 17B81A0205 Atmakuru Karthikeyan ACCENTURE
3 17B81A0211 Balaga Madhu Kumar ACCENTURE
4 17B81A0212 Bammidi Dileep ACCENTURE
5 17B81A0218 Buddavarapu Anusha ACCENTURE
6 17B81A0223 Chereddy Himagirish Reddy ACCENTURE
7 17B81A0241 P.Siva Rama Krishna ACCENTURE
8 17B81A0248 Ravindra Babu Reddy ACCENTURE
9 17B81A0258 Kumara Janaki Ram ACCENTURE
10 17B81A0266 Madasu.Likhitha Veni ACCENTURE
11 17B81A0269 Mandalapu Pavani ACCENTURE
12 17B81A0274 Nagireddy Balaji ACCENTURE
13 17B81A0276 Nekkala Venkata Durga Ranga Rao ACCENTURE
14 17B81A02B1 Varrey Venu Kaushik ACCENTURE
15 17B81A02B7 Yeresi Pragathi ACCENTURE
16 18B85A0239 P. Kanaka Durga Maheswari ACCENTURE
17 18B85A0241 Peddiboyina Siva Rama Krishna ACCENTURE
18 18B85A0248 Reddy Ravindra Babu ACCENTURE
19 17B81A0222 Chedella Phanindra APT ONLINE
20 17B81A0281  P. Pushpadevi APT ONLINE
21 17B81A0216 Bhyripudi Viveka Vardhan Naidu CAPGEMINI
22 17B81A0223 Chereddy Himagirish Reddy CAPGEMINI
23 17B81A0258 K.Janaki Ram CAPGEMINI
24 17B81A0276 Nekkala Venkata Durga Ranga Rao CAPGEMINI
25 17B81A0281  P. Pushpadevi CAPGEMINI
26 17B81A0295  Sayyed Khadhar Baba CAPGEMINI
27 17B81A02B1 Varrey Venu Kaushik CAPGEMINI
28 18B85A0241 Peddiboyina Siva Rama Krishna CAPGEMINI
29 17B81A0203 Annam Naga Sowjanya COGNIZANT
30 17B81A0222 Chedella Phanindra COGNIZANT
31 17B81A0234 G. Manimala COGNIZANT
32 17B81A0240 Jami Manikanta COGNIZANT
33 17B81A0251 Sh. Farzana COGNIZANT
34 17B81A0286 Pydi.Dwarakanath COGNIZANT
35 17B81A0294 P. Santosh COGNIZANT
36 17B81A0295  Sayyed Khadhar Baba COGNIZANT
37 17B81A02B8 Y. Pavithra COGNIZANT
38 18B85A0251 Shaik Farzana  COGNIZANT
39 18B85A0259 Vuyyuri Teja Pavan Sai COGNIZANT
40 18B85A0246 Ragi Jeevan Teja CTS
41 17B81A0218 Buddavarapu Anusha IBM
42 17B81A0284 Pepakayala Renuka Devi IBM
43 17B81A0211 Balaga Madhu Kumar INFOSYS
44 17B81A0212 Bammidi Dileep INFOSYS
45 17B81A0222 Chedella Phanindra INFOSYS
46 17B81A0258 Kumara Janaki Ram INFOSYS
47 17B81A0263 Lalam Prem Chand Vinay INFOSYS
48 17B81A0278 Harsha INFOSYS
49 17B81A0286 Pydi.Dwarakanath INFOSYS
50 17B81A0292 Sagarapu Jayaraj INFOSYS
51 17B81A02B1 Varrey Venu Kaushik INFOSYS
52 18B85A0202 B.Sai Sathyanarayana INFOSYS
53 18B85A0213 G. V. S. Sai Krishna Kumar INFOSYS
54 18B85A0226 Kukkapalli Rudra Sai Pavan Teja INFOSYS
55 18B85A0236 Padam Sree Veerraju INFOSYS
56 18B85A0241 Peddiboyina Siva Rama Krishna INFOSYS
57 18B85A0253 T.Bala Sai Sri Rohit INFOSYS
58 17B81A0203 Annam Naga Sowjanya KPIT
59 17B81A0226 Damerla Deekshitha KPIT
60 18B85A0253 Tammana Bala Sai Sri Rohit KPIT
61 17B81A0249 Karri Venkatesh L&T
62 17B81A0212 Bammidi Dileep MINDTREE
63 17B81A02B1 Varrey Venu Kaushik MINDTREE
64 17B81A0205  Atmakuru Karthikeyan NNIIT
65 17B81A0206 Attuluri. Sai Rama Lakshmi NNIIT
66 17B81A0217 Bommareddy Bhavya Sri NNIIT
67 17B81A0258 Kumara Janaki Ram NNIIT
68 17B81A0293  Sankavarapu Amrutha  NNIIT
69 17B81A02A9  Uppada Pravallika  NNIIT
70 18B85A0259 Vuyyuri Teja Pavan Sai NNIIT
71 17B81A0276  Nekkala Venkata Durga Rangarao PHABLE CARE
72 17B81A0212 Bammidi Dileep TCS
73 17B81A0235 Gorthi Bhaskara Sai Charan TCS
74 17B81A0266 Madasu.Likhitha Veni TCS
75 17B81A0295  Sayyed Khadhar Baba TCS
76 17B81A02A8 Undavalli. Manasa TCS
77 17B81A02B8 Yerramilli Pavithra TCS
78 18B85A0246 Ragi Jeevan Teja TCS
79 17B81A0218 Buddavarapu Anusha TECH MAHINDRA
80 17B81A02B1 Varrey Venu Kaushik TEMENOS
81 17B81A02A0 Ramakrishna Tarra VEM
82 18B85A0230 Medisetti Sudarsan VEM
83 18B85A0233 M. J. S. S. G.Srinivasarao VEM
84 18B85A0249 Samsani Venkatesh  VEM
85 18B85A0262 Yelisetti Ravi Kiran VEM
86 17B81A0218 Buddavarapu Anusha WIPRO
87 17B81A0249 Karri Venkatesh WIPRO
88 17B81A0266 Madasu.Likhitha Veni WIPRO
89 17B81A0270 Manikonda Prasanth Raju WIPRO
90 17B81A0281  Parvathini S V H Pushpadevi WIPRO
91 17B81A0294 Santosh Kumar Pilla WIPRO
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