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The main objective of the solid waste management system in the campus is to promote the Environment Management and Conservation in the College Campus. The purpose of the current available system is

• To identify, quantify, describe and prioritize framework of Environment Sustainability in compliance with the applicable regulations, policies and standards.

• To introduce and aware students to real concerns of environment and its sustainability

• To secure the environment and cut down the threats posed to human health by analyzing the pattern and extent of resource use on the campus.

• To establish a baseline data to assess future sustainability by avoiding the interruptions in environment that are more difficult to handle and their corrections requires high cost.

• To bring out a status report on environmental compliance.

 21-22 Report



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Building Plans---Click here

Administration Building


S&H Block


EEE Building


MECH Lab - East


MECH Workshops


MECH Lab West 


MECH Building


ECE Block


CSE Building


IT Building


AC Auditorium


Library Building


PG Courses Block


Amenities Building

 Boys Hostel Building


Girls Hostel Building




Generator Room 


Gymnasium Building


Parking Structure





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                                                                         FACULTY PUBLICATINS


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